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Eldorado is a professional private kalonline server, It's free and fun.
We can handle 300+ people probly even more...
EXP: 95X
We got the new official armors (g62) also the new mobs (lizards) and the new islands.
20+ new weapons all grades and new armors g70+
Our server is 99% of the time online and we got weekly updates.
A start NPC will give u beginning stuff, so u can start asap.

we wish you lots of fun at EldoradoServer

The EldoradoServer Team
We got a new hoster from now.
server is resetted we will hold an 8 day exp event because reset.
add him on msn for more info/account: shade_of_truth@hotmail.com.
Have fun and join Now!^^

Made a new Autoupdater and a Smaller client(190mb now) first it was 440Mb.
Have fun and join Now!^^

Server complete.. ONLINE NOW!
We fixed the last bugs. still find a bug? f/l in game or contact Orpheon on msn: orpheon@live.nl
Have fun and join Now!^^

The Eldorado Team
Server is allmost complete...
we are fixing the last things, then there will be a closed beta for a few friends and then it will open in public
It will be worth it

The Eldorado Team
Please don't forget to vote for us, Thanks!:

Added Our Server movie at youtube and uploaded it to rapidshare.

rapidshare link: http://rapidshare.com/files/44926470/eldoradoservermovie.wmv.html

The EldoradoServer Team
The Site has been modified
If u find some problems, please contact us at the forum.
Thanks !

The Eldorado Team
some Screenshots from our server, while you w8 for the opening
it ll be worth it ;-)

a gm (this gear will drop lateron 2)
another g70 armor
Stinky + big pussy

Movie is comming soon :)

The Eldorado Team
Eldorado server